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Impacting Student Learning
2022 AECT International Convention
Las Vegas, Nevada
October 24-28  2022

We invite you to submit a proposal (online submissions only beginning Jan 5, 2022) for the 2022 AECT International Convention to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada from October 24 - 28, 2022. The AECT International Convention brings together AECT members and affiliated educational researchers and practitioners interested in learning design, performance improvement, and educational uses of technology in order to:
  • share and learn about recent research results and evidence-based practices
  • engage in professional networking and meet future collaborators
  • advance the state of the art in using design and technology in the service of learning, and
  • support the learning, growth, and professional development of our members.

Working in and around technology, where every year the newest gadgets are smaller and faster and more powerful and less expensive, it can be difficult to stay oriented toward our north star of student learning. Consequently, the 2022 AECT International Convention specifically invites us all to reflect on this central question: How does my work impact student learning?
The theme for the 2022 AECT convention is “Impacting Student Learning.”
We invite high-quality presentations from the wide diversity of disciplines whose expertise can be orchestrated to positively impact student learning. While we continue to prioritize empirical and theoretical scholarship, we also specifically encourage and invite practitioner-oriented presentations focused on using evidence-based practices that improve student learning.

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