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1 - Diverse Perspectives on Dating and Sexual Violence Among Adolescents

Thu, April 12, 3:45 to 5:15pm, Hilton, Floor: Third Floor, Minneapolis Grand Ballroom-Salon C

Session Type: Paper Symposium

Integrative Statement

Sexual assault and dating violence impact the health and wellbeing of thousands of adolescents annually (CDC, 2016; Kilpatrick et al., 1998). The ecological context in which adolescents find themselves can influence their experiences of victimization and how to best respond to their needs. Age, gender, neighborhood, nationality, and the culture surrounding the various institutions with which youth come into contact all matter when thinking about how to address this serious social and health issue. This symposium examines sexual assault and dating violence among diverse groups of adolescents, and each paper addresses this topic from a unique perspective with varying methodologies. Paper one qualitatively examines the legal obstacles faced by an international sample of adolescents who became pregnant as a result of rape. A second qualitative paper addresses the sexual violence experienced by homeless teenage girls in Mexico. Our third speaker considers how neighborhood quality influences rates of dating violence among at-risk youth living in Virginia. Our final presenter employs a gender identity lens to examine male and female rape myths and the prevalence of sexual victimization among adolescent males in a university setting.

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